Mightier Than Sword is an independent record label based in Brooklyn, NY. Specializing in punk, hardcore, and pop-punk, Mightier Than Sword has earned a reputation for producing some of the highest quality vinyl in the scene. However, MTS is dedicated to releasing the music that we love and will certainly cross genre lines if it means working with great artists. We are all record collectors and release a majority of our records on vinyl, nonetheless, many of our releases are also available on CD, cassette tape, and digitally.

Since its inception in 2006, Mightier Than Sword has released records from Prevail Within, Smartbomb, Such Gold, Take Notice, Last Lights, Blink-182, I Hate Our Freedom, Transit, After The Fall, Mountain Man, Last Call, and John Joseph among others. MTS prides itself on working with up-and-coming bands that espouse DIY ethics and incessant touring regimens.

MTS “Friends and Family” Top 10 Albums of 2011 Feature on Property Of Zack


Head over to Property Of Zack to check out the MTS “Friend & Family” top 10 albums of 2011 list, featuring lists from the following bands, with more being added daily: Tall Ships, I Hate Our Freedom, No Trigger, The Hotel Year, So Many Ways, Citizen, Such Gold, R.J. Crowder-Schaefer (of MTS), and Last Call.

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